Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Library Champion

This week’s library champion is Dr. Mark King. Dr. King uses the Dorothy W. Hightower Collaborative Learning Center & Library two to three times a week. King peruses journal articles and the New York Times. King “gets his daily news” from the library. King requires a research paper with an annotated bibliography that has to have ten academic and library based sources. King feels the library is “more relevant now in these days of fake news. They have good, reliable sources for our students.” In his spare time, King enjoys searching the more obscure Georgia history databases, but for research he turns first to Academic Search Complete. He recommends Academic Search Complete and MedLine for his students. King recommends the Digital Theater database which has live plays. The library “is such a refreshing environment now.” Dr. King is reminded of an upscale sushi restaurant in New York when he walks in. “I like the fun environment. The ability to write on the walls and the tables, and the interactive touch screens seems subversive. Good scholarship is always going to be subversive.”

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Library Champions

This week’s library champion is Dr. Anna Higgins-Harrell. Dr. Higgins-Harrell walks around the Dorothy W. Hightower Collaborative Learning Center & Library once every few weeks. Higgins-Harrell is very active with ALG – Affordable Learning Georgia which the librarians are promoting. The ALG initiative allows instructors to create and/or provide free to low cost online course sources including library resources to their classes. Higgins-Harrell sends her English 1102 students to the library at least once a month and encourages them to use the group study rooms. Any of her classes that are involved in research projects are instructed by a librarian on how to research good materials, and Higgins-Harrell also uses LibGuides in her classrooms. GALILEO is what Higgins-Harrell recommends to her students when it comes to research. Higgins-Harrell recommends that “we all learn more about the OER – Open Educational Resources, and the Open Stax initiatives.” Higgins-Harrell also recommends that students “buy their coffee at the IC take it into a comfy chair in the library and get ready for your next class.” Higgins-Harrell thinks the library is “pretty. I love how student friendly it is; and I love the cool classrooms and study rooms.”